Librarika is a SaaS based Integrated Library System (ILS) platform built on the cloud.


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Librarika is an open platform for anybody wanting to manage their physical or virtual library catalog online using Integrated Library System (ILS). That includes Universities, Colleges, Schools, Polytechnics, Medical Institutes, Public Libraries, Non-profit organizations, Government Agencies, Corporate Offices, Departments, Social Institutes, NGOs, Family and even a personal library.

Free Library Management Software

Librarika offers free library plan. You can open your library in just few minutes and manage up to 2000 books (including copies) in your catalog. When you need more books limit, you can upgrade to premium plans.

Software or Hardware Requirements

You do not need any additional software or hardware. Librarika is served right from the cloud.

Hosting Requirements

All librarika libraries are hosted on the cloud at You do not need any additional hosting.

Built-in OPAC

Online public accesss catalog OPAC comes built-in with each librarika library. That means, you can instantly publish your catalog online or you can make your library private if you want to.

Mobile Apps

Librarika provides both iPhone and Android apps for librarians to scan barcodes, upload cover photos as well as manage catalog, members and circulations.


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